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Shibari Suspensions


The art of Japanese-style rope bondage has become increasingly popular in recent years both for its beautiful visual aspect, and for the intimacy it creates between tying partners.

This detailed reference book of fundamental suspension techniques will help you understand both the ties and the body that is tied. Its easy-to- use structure encourages you to think creatively and adapt everything to your own needs. It emphasises learning for both riggers and models by explaining rope from both perspectives.

Begin adding gravity to your rope play sessions with the range of simple partial suspensions - whilst building up the tools to learn the more challenging full suspensions.

The process of suspension is broken down into its core components, such as:

- Anatomy and body mechanics within ropes.

- An in-depth look at the takate kote.

- A variety of other suspension harnesses.

- Line management techniques.

It also gives detailed background information on:

- Communication and negotiation.

- Safety.

- Your equipment, and how to maintain it.

- Assessing hardpoints.

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