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Rogue Hojojutsu


For hundreds of years, Japanese officers restrained criminals not with handcuffs, but with lengths of rope.

Hojojutsu remains a jealously guarded secret, known by only a select few... Until now.

Using simple, clear instructions and over 400 colorful images, author Douglas Kent details how to construct over 90 forms, and countless customizations, ranging from ties you can finish in a few seconds to beautifully complex works of art.

But donít expect a traditional, reverential treatment of Hojojutsu. Kent strips away the myths surrounding this ancient art, revealing surprising facts about the rogues on both sides of the ropes.

Rogue Hojojutsu is a must-have for martial artists and rope enthusiasts alike.

96 pages, 165 mm x 229 mm, 290 g.

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Artikel opgenomen in ons assortiment op dinsdag 12 april, 2016.

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