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Conditions of Use

Terms & Conditions of Ouchy (Niet-Lief, Chamber of Commerce nr. 27359294, The Hague
This version valid from January 1st 2010

De non-official, not binding but readable version

Ouchy tries to ship articles in stock within 5 days. If articles are out of stock, Ouchy trries to ship within 5 days of receiving new stock. In case of a holiday, shipping might be delayed. If your order requires more speedy shipping, ask us upon ordering and we'll try to ship as early as possible, but we can offer no guarantees.

Ouchy is not responsible for whatever you do with the articles. Ouchy is also not responsible for any information provided.

Ouchy ships your articles through TNT or another shipping agent. Please be aware that packages might be delivered at your neighbours house if you're not at home. All packaging is discreet, meaning that the package doesn't show that sexy logo. Ouchy is not responsible for correct delivery by the shipping agent. If you 'd like, we can arrange a secure and insured shipment, but we will charge you for the additional costs.

When ordering from abroad, the order will show an estimate of the shipping, handling and administration fee. We will contact you if the estimate is not correct. We also offer the opportunity to pick up your order if you happen to be around.

Prices ar subject to change and including Dutch VAT but excluding shipping costs. Colours may differ from the pictures on the site. If, for whatever reasons, Ouchy can no longer ship a certain article, that's just too bad. Of course, in that case you will get your money back..

Returning or swapping an article is allowed. If the article is broken atthe time of delivery, we will replace it, unless you've broken it yourself. If you send it back for any other reason, return shipping costs are yours. When swapping a product, the article has to be new and unused, You are allowed to fit it, but not wear it. Whipping a curtain is allowed, using the article in a scene is not. If any article gets broken at a later time, we offer no more guarantees than te manufacturer.

We'll respect your privacy. We will not sell your address to spammer, and w ewon't call the newspaper to pass on your order. The newsletter is opt-in, so if you receive it, you really gave us permission to send it.

You can send complaints to We would appreciate it if you you would that option before taking legal action.

Finally, you're not allowed to go broke before you've paid us

By ordering you agree to the terms and conditions, and with that we mean the official, binding, but unreadable terms and conditions, which also happen to be available in Dutch only.You can find them here.


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